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  • jungalee43
    02-24 09:02 AM
    I am happy to read this. My observation is that Indian-American US citizens generally don't care about the Indians who are going through the process of immigration. In November 2005 when some one approached IAFPE with retorgression problem, their NC chapter conducted a seminar in Raleigh and some 100+ members did sign a petition. But they handed over petition to Bobby Jindal and it looks like from what is reported elsewhere on this site, he belongs to anti immigrant camp. But except this seminar even this organization did not take more interest in this issue. But I hope India Community Center has shown way and more Indian-American as well as Chinese associations would come forward to support the issue. Can some one approach Asia Society in DC who last week organised a speech by President Bush?

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  • desi3933
    07-07 12:58 PM
    Hi, My Lawyer says that texas SWA gave him a figure of $ 105,000 annual salary as a prevailing wage for 5 years experience java,j2ee guy.

    $105,000 salary for 5 years exp with J2EE/Java sounds rights to me. People with 2/3 year experience are making around 80-85k.


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  • bakara
    09-08 05:34 PM
    Thanks fromnaija, do you know if it's going to take the same amount of time the get the corrected EAD or is it going to be longer than regular time, I know it depends on the service center and the processing dates, but just curious if you happen to know any such cases and the time USCIS took to process them.

    I hope I don't need attorney's help in this as I have been renewing EAD since 2004 myself.
    Thanks again for your response.

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  • stephsh
    11-26 03:51 AM
    Thanks, it doesnt generate an error so it should be alright. The panel still doesnt appear so I created it with asp:

    <asp:Panel ID="PanelSummary" runat="server" BorderColor="Black" BorderWidth="1" BorderStyle="Groove" Width="100" Height="300"></asp:Panel>


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  • miyp
    06-12 11:38 AM
    I am going to file application for renewal of EAD of my spouse.She was on H-4 when she came to USA and she got EAD last year. She will start working from Aug 08. She has not used her EAD till now but went to India on AP.

    1.What is manner of last entry and the current immigration status for her? Is it Parolee or H4 status in both cases?
    2.I have filed I-485 after July 2007. Can I E-file? As I read somewhere on forum that On or after July 30, 2007, applications may not be electronically filed and must be submitted to a Service Center via regular mail or courier service.

    Thank you.

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  • Berkeleybee
    01-20 12:45 PM
    I just posted our issue of Legal Immigration in "Discuss" section of this news at yahoo news. Because these Groups are only raising the issue of Illegal Immigration Reform.
    Here is the direct link:;_ylt=Ais126qg1vwFi9n0Md63Vfq yFz4D;_ylu=X3oDMTA5aHJvMDdwBHNlYwN5bmNhdA--

    Please highlight our cause in most popular media like c-span, msn news/blogs and many more

    Are you able to edit a post in the Yahoo News discuss section?

    Not sure whose post it is in the Yahoo News discussion section, that references Immigration Voice (it is signed by Shan) it would be great if the person posting could correct the spelling of legal (it now says Ligal) in the subject header.



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  • isedkeem
    01-14 11:42 PM
    Hi! I'm H1B holder and my company is willing to sponsor the green card. I'm coming from Eastern Europe (Moldova) and in US am working as software developer, I guess it's EB-3, right? I graduated in Romania Bachelor Degree in Mathematics & Computer Science (4 years) and Master Degree in Computer Science & Engineering (2 years). My work experience is more than 7 years. Please advice how to proceed to get this process done properly, legally and fast, reasonably possible and how much time it would probably take. Thanks in advance!

    Try EB-3, the ride will be much more fun and exciting compared to EB-2. did you go to Universitatea din Bucuresti?

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  • zoozee
    10-14 10:39 PM

    I applied on July2nd, I got the receipts on september7th and FP for oct23rd but no EAD yet! I have seen most of them get EAD but no FP, Does it matter which comes first should I wait sometime after FP for EAD?

    Same As You


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  • ronhira
    10-07 02:50 PM
    How will removing country limits help China, India and ROW.

    Has someone done any calculations on visa date movement.

    We should have some comparison on this because some of us from China against. I seen many ROW against.

    Does it help only Indians or everyone by how much?

    I see these calculations bringing Indians, Chinese and ROW together.

    the truth is this.... some of the chinese are against removal of country limits becoz they do not care if it helps them..... they r simply opposed to removal of per country limits becoz they cannot see india getting any benefit..... its the age old chinese mindset which cannot be changed with numbers or calculations...... otherwise just think for u'rself...... if china is retrogressed as evident from monthly visa bulletin .... & removal of per country limits will create 1 queue for everyone..... then y would some of these chinese be opposed to the removal of per country limits.....

    row is altogether a different discussion....

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  • resetclock
    01-31 07:47 AM
    Thansk visakk for your reply, I am travelling thru same employer only. He still wants me to come there. Looks like he is confident & is certainly going to give me Revised Offer Letter dated in Feb 2010.

    However my main question is still unanswered whether the scenario is correct to travel, considering January 8 guideline issued by DHS/USCIS. And Subsequent Deportation incidents.

    I have option to travel on L2 as well. As my spouse is having L1 visa and she is going to travel in March.

    But I want to be on H1B, Pleasse enlighten me on this.


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  • gprx100
    03-31 09:14 PM
    My lawyer initiated the PERM process late last year, the timeline was such that the prevailing wage request was filed with State Workforce Agency (SWA) on 12-30-2009. The SWA prevailing wage determination was received back by my lawyer on the 1/11/10.

    Subsequently the recruitment process started and everything was going smooth. The PERM was supposed to be filed in the first week of April. My lawyer now is saying that they need to push the application filing because of the new rule which came into effect Jan 1st which requires all prevailing wage requests to be filed with the DOL. The rule states that:

    On January 1, 2010, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) changed the way that prevailing wage determinations (PWDs) are processed for the PERM, H-1B, H-1B1 (Chile/Singapore), E-3 (Australia), and H-2B programs. PWDs are now issued by DOL�s National Prevailing Wage and Helpdesk Center (NPWHC) in Washington, DC. Below are updated Frequently Asked Questions about the new process.

    From my understanding the new law should not be applicable to me, since we filed for the PWD on 12/30/09. I am not sure why we need to reinitiate the process, since the new law is _effective_ as of 01/01/2010.

    Is anyone in a similar situation or anyone has any advice?

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  • Bruce2000
    01-11 10:27 PM
    I saw a prior post talking about this issue but has no answer. I am very upset about it.

    Vermont Center received my OPT Application on Oct 31,2008. But I checked my status online and it said, "Your case can not be found at this time in Case Status Online. Please check your receipt number and try again. If you need further assistance please call the National Customer Service Center at 1.800.375.5283."

    Could anyone who experienced this could tell me why? (I inputted the case number correctly.) Can you guys still get your OPT card after this happened?

    Thanks a lot!


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  • coopheal
    07-07 11:59 AM
    Idea is good. I doubt we would get any information out of them.
    Unless this is done with mass media coverage, like CNN, MSNBC, FOX for a week.

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  • baleraosreedhar
    06-21 01:36 PM
    Hi All

    I have a question regarding filling of I485.

    My wife got her H1 approved in November 2006 and she got her SSN in december and her company has not put her on a project.

    I would like to know will there be any issue if I file her as my dependent on my I485 application.

    Her H4 visa on the passport is already expired.


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  • backtoschool
    01-05 04:21 PM
    I had posted some queries previously and thanks to all who took time to respond.

    As I had said before , I have an admission to study for my MBA outside US for one year. Here is the latest update:
    I was thinking I will get a one year leave abscence from my employer ( advt on the website), but apparently they dont support studies as part of the deal.

    So i am out of luck;
    Considering my situation what do you gurus recommend.
    How can I leave US yet maintain my GC process.
    My I-140 is approved

    Spouse in school Full time Studies on I-485 pending. ( entered on F1 then converted to I485..... so going back to F1 is impossible)..
    I want her status to be preserved.

    My thought:

    Resign from my company when I need to leave. Convince them that I will return. Maintain no ties with the company for one year..basically can be compared to being jobless for one year.

    and then get a letter that a future similar job will be available with the same Co. ( that sponsored my GC)...

    Is this feasible ./practical?

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  • Guitar
    12-07 01:18 AM
    Hi Members,
    I am pretty new to the forum. I thought you must be helpful answering my questions because attorneys in my company provided are not helpful.
    My attorneys filed Labor with the missing job information like in the allien job experience section. i saw the the current job start date is wrong then the job 2 is put with the wrong dates. Job 3 is not there. I got a audit as ******** is my attorney as special audit. when I contacted they said its electronically filed then can't change. They will take care in later stage.Then THE LABOR IS CERTIFIED. Now I see nothing has been taken care. they are filing I-140.

    Now my question is if i get RFE in I-140 in future and I send the experience letters obviously which will be different date( as labor is approved with aliens wrong info in experince).

    PLEASE members let me know the complication.. am getting really worried..Let me know what to do.


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  • sr1973
    07-23 05:36 PM
    Congrats... Are you EB1?

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  • qualified_trash
    07-18 10:47 AM
    If you filed your case 30 days or more before the date shown under the heading “Processing Cases with Receipt Date of” and you have not received a request for evidence, a decision, or another notice in the last thirty days, please call our National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283.

    from the url

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  • GCVictim
    12-02 08:45 PM
    Hi friends,

    I planning to change my employer after 180days and I want go for the fulltime by using my EAD because my I-485 will take next 3 or 4 years (PD May-2007). My present H1 is still Oct 2008 (labor and I-140 cleared).

    1. What are the chances for rejecting my I-485 file?
    2. If my I-485 file rejected after my H1 expired (EAD using) ?
    3. How to settle out this ? Do I need to go back india?

    Seniors please provide me suggestions.

    07-07 08:40 AM
    hi, My Lawyer says that texas SWA gave him a figure of $ 105,000 annual salary as a prevailing wage for 5 years experience java,j2ee guy. After discussing with people who have already filed in EB2 i get the feeling that this is too much amount and the wage requirement is somewhere between 80-85,0000. My lawyer is trying to downgrade me to EB3. I want to contest his claim but I am not sure what mistake he has made. What questions should I ask him to figure it out. Any help would be great.

    04-23 05:41 PM
    not an NBA fan or a fan of the font... but nice start!!!

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