Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • chanduv23
    02-04 09:37 AM
    Purpose and goal of the organization is to further your interests...
    Whatever question you ask, we shall make an attempt to answer.....Even if it has been answered ....before we would again answer....

    Do you find your questions answered ???...Do you think that this activity is useful...??

    Please contribute to IV to further your interests....

    As it is a forum and everyone have common in interests, while questions are answered, it is also important that we have collective opinions and conclusions, ie everyone helps each other with experience and no one does things for commercial purposes.

    I have seen people not liking what I write, though I am not an expert, if you notice my posts, I always insist on being careful and not believeing employers or lawyers and not make your own conclusions about GC or USCIS or DOL or employers or Lawyers.

    While most people want green cards, they do not realise that things are not the same as before, and maybe green card may or may not even be an option (that includes me too), which does not mean that we must not try or do what we can. Thats why I support IV, I have contributed $200 so far and will be contributing.

    If someone can contribute with ideas, guidances, experience, that is also a contribution. I have seen lot of posts saying, we must dress up as Gandhi in Washington DC and have a strike, a day without h1b etc and ask for Green Cards. Such things may be possible if we have a majority like the illegals. If H1bs grow in millions, then it is a option. Such a situation may not arise. H1b system can be corrected at grassroots and IV is one such organization capable of achieving this without protests and strikes.

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  • GCNirvana007
    08-18 10:06 AM
    No, it is not always a 2 month gap. Normally RD (on your receipt), the data entry date (you see online as "your case was received on..."), and ND should be in quick succession. It was only in July/Aug 07 when due to high volumes many cases (including mine) waited for data entry for months, as no center wanted to accept that additional responsbility. Those whose cases were entered in July/Aug 07, became ahead of those whose cases were entered in Sept and Oct 07, no matter when they filed or what their RD (as the receipt). People with PD in 2005 and 2006 who got GC last year were those lucky ones who cases were entered in the system in July, Aug (and may be some in Sept) 07. My case was entered in Oct 07, although I filed on July 2' 07. I did not get GC at that time, though my PD is May 04.

    When did you get your GC?

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  • leoindiano
    08-21 06:36 PM

    What ASC did you go to?

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  • anilsal
    09-07 11:21 PM
    this guy has openly challenged you. Are you going to just sleep through this? Not do anything on your part?

    Come on. Lets all go to DC to attend the rally in bigger numbers and show this tribiani dude, that we can gather for a cause.


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  • akhilmahajan
    06-18 11:22 AM
    Thanks for the replies. I guess, I do not have time to get all that done before I file the I485. Damn, should have taken care of it earlier. I guess I will have to fill the forms just as I have done for the labor and then hope that I am not stuck. Will follow up with my lawyer to get some legal advice too. If I learn anything new, I will sure post.

    Thanks again.

    I am in the same boat as u r............... i have emailed my companies immigration dept and waiting to hear from them............. if u hear something from them, can u please share it here with us............... will really appreciate that.............

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  • +ve
    04-28 03:57 AM
    You are eligible to apply under masters quota. There is no special form for the masters cap. However, lets hope that your attorney has checked the box of h1b for "US Masters" and send application to USCIS with ATTN: H-1B U.S. Masters Cap D&vgnextchannel=fe529c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

    Thanks a million for answering...was waiting for an answer on this the way i recd my registration receipt yesterday after 4 weeks..however still waiting & praying for an approval from USCIS.


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  • santb1975
    11-26 03:04 PM
    in contributions after we started this thread. Let's prove our Financial muscle. Please contribute

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  • eb3retro
    12-19 12:38 PM
    Another member from CA has joined this challange. The member has contacted me and I have just now spoken to the member. The member wants to stay as an annonymous donor. So far he has contributed $1500 over the past few months. This member has pledged to pitch in with some more money when the total contributions from other members reach the 30,000 & 60,000 dollar mark. Specifically, he will contribute $250 more when we get close to $30,000, and another $250 for the $60,000.

    Apart from my earlier contribution, I would like to pledge another $20 if we reach $30,000 and $20 if we reach $60,000. I am sorry guys i am on a tight budget but still want to do the best I can. And I hope you guys will agree every penny counts for the tough journey we have in front of us next year.


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  • GCKaMaara
    11-12 06:16 PM
    Hi all:

    Thanks for all your advice and understanding. I could not post earlier as we were busy following up the case with the authorities. I have two lawyers on board and a wonderful, unexpected, child abuse NGO person helping us deal with the situation. Most importantly, the baby is in perfect condition after having everything scanned and reviewed with two pediatricians�.it is possible, as one person helping us mentioned that the rough handling may appear exaggerated on the video bcos low resolution cameras sometimes exaggerate slower movements into sudden and forceful movements (I don�t fully understand)- which is also ok w/ me as my child having been safe is more imp to the minimum she will be deported and barred from entry, or likely fully convicted and behind bars...from what I have heard till now, we will likely not be penalized as there are some protection and immunities in these cases for those who testify (and most certainly INS will never be involved)�and at most there may be some fines�
    ....and to some others who have misread a few things I mentioned: a/ the baby did not remain with the nanny for even a second after we suspected something fishy b/ we were not saving money with this nanny: 350$ (plus food, commute, and phone cards is above average here even for a legal worker. Also we selected her after observing her (and earlier another nanny) at home for 2 weeks with the baby while my mom-in-law was there and all of us had felt for some reason that she was the better one��..and to everybody with kids: no matter how much you trust your nanny, however well referenced they are- use a nannycam�.you may amazed at what you see�.there is something about having the whole house to yourself with an infant that makes some people crazy- so that their suppressed anger/envy and whatever else is hidden comes out on a poor speechless baby.

    Happy ending. The End.

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  • santb1975
    11-23 12:36 AM
    Thanks for the Info.


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  • whiteStallion
    11-12 01:27 PM
    Very good link..

    It's very sad to hear this story.Please read this article before making any decision. This is also helpful for rest of us.

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  • drona
    07-04 09:53 PM
    To Emilio Gonzalez, to arrive on July 10th, sweetheart roses :) order number # FNM1316478 by FTD.


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  • afialam
    12-16 06:40 PM
    I was finally able to obtain my new passport, but not without a fight until the end.

    After two weeks of submission, I enquired from NY if they have received a clearance from the original passport issuing office (mine was Doha). They said NO. So I decided to contact the Doha consulate. They asked me send them the File number and receipt number. They also asked me to send scanned pages of my original passport, so keep those handy.

    Once I emailed all these to Doha, they reverted back saying, that they have received everything and have faxed clearance to NY. When I called NY later, they claimed they have not received any fax. Infact one lady told me that the Fax might be in some other part of the building and will take time to reach her!!. So here started the iterations between Doha and NY. I would ask Doha to refax and NY would claim not to receive it.

    I later on asked Doha if they could email the clearance to NY. They responded positively and following their email, I got a call from NY that they have received clearance and passport is ready.

    If I would not jumped around, it would have taken a long long time for my passport to get ready. So be active and start the process for your new passport asap. Good Luck! :rolleyes:

    After getting the form notarized (from a UPS store that has a public notary available), I made a second trip to the consulate and was able to submit the documents! (btw, I was in the queue for 1.5 hours!,,,Those of you going to the NY consulate, make sure u get there when doors open!)

    Something new had to pop out.. So, after submission I was told the process could take four weeks because they need some sort of clearance from the consulate that issued the original passport. What sort of clearance.. I have no idea. My passport was issued in Doha. But I have heard from some of my friends who had passports issued in India also facing the same issue.

    So those of you planning to travel in the near future and need to go to the consulate for passport reissue, go as early as possible and rid urself of some stress! :rolleyes:

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  • santb1975
    11-28 04:38 PM
    Thanks. We need more to come

    Contributed 100$ today through google checkout


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  • kondur_007
    04-13 04:07 PM
    As I posted on another thread, I do not believe that all those old approvals are due to sub labor.
    A large part is related to FBI name check; remember, they just cleared a lot of name check cases...Not necessarily a bad thing, but we always feared as to how big is that number and it is still early to see the full impact of "clearing of that backlog>"

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  • gauravsh
    08-12 08:56 PM
    Can you elaborate on your decision to start your own IT training firm (as opposed to a IT service provider)? I grew up in bangalore and there were a large number of training institutes back in the day. I am curious to know how your training firm is going to be different from others.


    Well, you know the quality of education which IT traning firm provide there. I will just focus on teaching OCP certification myself. mejority of institute just teaches oracle. They dont have enough expertise in teaching DBA knowledge.


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  • Nil
    04-13 08:44 PM
    It is good to analyze. But pls let us be together.
    There are several who's category was determined by the employer and their lawyer and an equal number, who have no clue as to what is actually the content of their labor. Myself for example, was never allowed a glimpse of the labor application, only know that it was approved. i also do not have a hard copy of my I140.
    The positive point is this year, major channels are talking about Legal immigration much more than i have heard before.
    let us work together to highlight the broken system, the only way it can eventually get fixed by our direct efforts.

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  • dvb123
    07-09 08:19 PM
    There are various things that can be challenged. Read through this carefully

    (a) Per Country Level. -
    (1) Nondiscrimination. -

    (A) Except as specifically provided in paragraph (2) and in sections 101(a)(27) , 201(b)(2)(A)(i) , and 203, no person shall receive any preference or priority or be discriminated against in the issuance of an immigrant visa because of the person's race, sex, nationality, place of birth, or place of residence.

    (B) 1/ Nothing in this paragraph shall be construed to limit the authority of the Secretary of State to determine the procedures for the processing of immigrant visa applications or the locations where such applications will be processed.

    (2) Per country levels for family-sponsored and employment-based immigrants. - Subject to 1a/ paragraphs (3), (4), and (5) the total number of immigrant visas made available to natives of any single foreign state or dependent area under subsections (a) and (b) of section 203 in any fiscal year may not exceed 7 percent (in the case of a single foreign state) or 2 percent (in the case of a dependent area) of the total number of such visas made available under such subsections in that fiscal year.

    (3) Exception if additional visas available. - If because of the application of paragraph (2) with respect to one or more foreign states or dependent areas, the total number of visas available under both subsections (a) and (b) of section 203 for a calendar quarter exceeds the number of qualified immigrants who otherwise may be issued such a visa, paragraph (2) shall not apply to visas made available to such states or areas during the remainder of such calendar quarter.

    Department of state is allocating the annual Employment based quota of 140,000 plus some leftovers from previous years into three calendar quarters. However the law said only this about a calendar year

    (3) Exception if additional visas available. - If because of the application of paragraph (2) with respect to one or more foreign states or dependent areas, the total number of visas available under both subsections (a) and (b) of section 203 for a calendar quarter exceeds the number of qualified immigrants who otherwise may be issued such a visa, paragraph (2) shall not apply to visas made available to such states or areas during the remainder of such calendar quarter.

    It did not tell the Department of State to break the 140,000+ quota into three calendar quarters of 33.33% each. My argument is that on January 1st 2009 if 5000 485's are approved for EB2 there will be 46,666 - 5000 - 41,666 visas left. These visa should be given to China and India EB2 based on the above section. INA sections never mentioned nor directed Department of State to allocate the 140,000 quota into calendar years or monthly limits. It is Department of State trying to do additional favors to ROW.

    There are zillions of things like this we can put in a lawsuit.

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  • krish2005
    12-04 05:37 PM
    I told you folks, that I will be redded. It was true...

    You may idolize a super cop or a good cop. But without basic humanity he is not even a human. You might red me on this perhaps. But I would not as its your view and this is my view. I hope other fellow IVians will acknowledge this.

    12-19 11:33 AM
    I just did

    09-18 12:01 PM
    Yeah man. So much for joining this site. This is all we get. Unfortunately, lot of other people are thinking the same. Want you to clear our names asap.
    GCStatus and MadhuVJ:

    Looks like you guys have decided to fight with Admin2.

    To some extent, Admin2 deserves this punishment. He spent just little 60,000 US dollars to fight for all of us. Yes, it is Sixty Thousand dollars. Whenever he goes to DC to meet lawmakers and/or Lobbyists, he spends money from his own pocket for stay and car rental. He deserves so much beating from us for spending so much time, money and enegry for the community.

    Even Pappu should be punished for spending too much time on this site wihtout concentrating on his day job.

    If you both are logging from SAME company, though you are using different laptop/desktop, the IP address polled will be same for external though you have different IP internally.

    If you guys have worked on DC rally, you would have come to know the great spirits of Admin2. One day he called me at 10.30 PM when I was almost sleeping to request me if I can attend an immigration meeting in Princeton University, NJ. I was sleeping and he was making calls. Who would have been benefitted? YOU and ME and NOT Admin2.

    There are already several threads with EB3/EB2 fighting. All of us have our own day time jobs. Let us not focus on fighting among ourselves. Let us not even fight with USCIS. What we want is that lawmakers and USCIS should understand our problems and make them realize that US will benefit by giving us GC's and not vice versa.

    In the past 2 years, I have just 50 postings. All of them are either confirming calls to law makers or contributions. This I am writing to plead you stop these fightings. We have had enough in the past 2 years.

    Thanks for understanding.

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