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  • optimist578
    04-10 11:22 AM
    My EAD is going to expire in 3 months and I am filing for my renewal now. What can be done if you don't get the EAD renewal response before the expiry of the current one ?
    I heard somewhere, that if you don't receive the renewal notice within 60 days, then you can approach the local USCIS office and get a temporary EAD card for 90 days.
    Anybody knows more ?

    EB3 PD Mar 2003
    I-485, AP, EAD filed in July 07
    EAD expiring on July 31st 2008.

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  • fundo14
    06-20 01:00 AM
    Today I got the approval for 7th year H1 extension

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  • bhartigorkar
    08-19 12:32 PM
    Hi kirupa,thanks for your quick reply.I am not referring to window phone application.
    I am building a simple website by using frame in Blend 4.What i am trying to achieve here.....
    applying Blend 4’s built-in TransitionEffects to FRAME by using VisualState to get smooth transitions like ripple,slide in while navigating pages like you did in
    I just want to know how to apply this effects directly to FRAME? :)

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  • Blog Feeds
    08-30 09:40 PM
    This is a recent USCIS update announcing that any U.S. citizen seeking to adopt a Nepali child, whose case is not affected by the suspension of processing cases involving Nepali children claimed to have been found abandoned, should file the Form I-600 with the U.S. Embassy in Kathmandu.

    This change in the filing location for the Form I-600 petitions applies to two groups of prospective adoptive parents who are not affected by the suspension. The first group is those who received a referral letter from the Government of Nepal�s Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare before Aug. 6, 2010, informing them of a proposed match of an abandoned child. The second group is those who seek to adopt Nepali children who were relinquished by known parent(s) and whose identity and relationship can be confirmed.

    USCIS strongly encourages prospective adoptive parents to follow this procedure for their own benefit, based on growing concerns about unreliable documents, irregularities in the methods used to identify children for adoption in Nepal, and the resulting difficulties in classifying those children as orphans under U.S. immigration law. Please see the Aug. 6, 2010 announcement online regarding the suspension.

    Read more here... ( D&vgnextchannel=68439c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD)

    More... (


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  • ramus
    07-05 02:09 PM
    Here is media thread..

    I am keep asking every member to spend 15 mins to find out right thread before opening new thread.. Its very difficult to keep track of every thread..

    Please post any media related post on

    Thanks.. Hope you understand.

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  • Euclid
    08-16 12:07 PM
    I was wondering if anyone has any info on the job
    market for international students in NY. I will be graduating
    in Dec and will be on the job market soon.

    Some of my friends say that there are jobs to be had but
    not many are keen on sponsoring H1, even non-tarp firms.

    Can anyone confirm/refute this?


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  • looneytunezez
    10-27 02:40 PM
    Apparently, NSC doesnt have enough applications.....can they start looking into visa recapture????

    Business slowing at Lincoln immigration center (

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  • eb3_nepa
    05-26 09:59 PM
    I had a VERY SIMILAR question

    In my case it is simple. Current Immigration status and Manner of last entry is both H1B

    In Spouse's case however here is the issue. She has used her EAD and she travelled last year using the AP.

    So this is what I wrote under the 2 questions:

    14) Manner of last entry: "PAROLEE"
    15) Current Immigration Status: "Adjustment Of Status Pending".



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  • claudia255
    10-24 10:34 AM

    The New Democrat Coalition writes to Nancy Pelosi.

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    09-07 07:00 PM
    Indian Government sources had said that the Bureau of Diplomatic Security had contacted the ministry of external affairs (MEA), India around the time Mr Pacheco was incarcerated for his alleged involvement in the mysterious death of his girlfriend Nadia Torrado � he was in jail from July 9 till July 26, when he was awarded bail. He is a former Goa, India tourism minister Francisco Xavier �Mickky� Pacheco was caught on the backfoot on Sunday once again as reports surfaced that the US State Department�s Bureau of Diplomatic Security had informed India that Mr Pacheco might be involved in a big immigration and money laundering racket.

    Mr Pacheco used to operate an employment agency along with his estranged wife Sara Pacheco which specialized in finding employment for Goans abroad. But according to the former minister, he has had nothing to do with the agency since he separated from his wife around four years back.

    Mr. Mickey Pacheco has been accused by the US Bureau of Diplomatic Security of running an international immigration and money-laundering racket. The bureau got in touch with the external affairs ministry through the US embassy in Delhi and reportedly backed its allegations with documents and details of banking transactions. The ministry then passed on the information to the CBI. The evidence is being described as substantive. According to the US Bureau of Diplomatic Security report, Pacheco had 15 million dollars in his account in the US. He recently transferred 2 million dollars to India.

    More... (


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  • Saralayar
    08-25 02:32 PM
    I was employed by company A between 2002 who has filed I-140 and I-485 in 2007.

    After company ceased to exist, USCIS granted an H1 extension based on an approved ALC filing and I moved to company B. According to the owner of company A, it has no plans to file for bankruptcy.

    Company B filed for the H1B extension and I received one that expires Oct 2012. However, company B is now unwilling to continue my employment. My employment will cease Nov 2010.

    Besides looking for another job, anyone has any inputs?

    Provide all your details in your profile (Prioroty date, I140 filing date, country etc., ). Then based on that, you can get relevant info from members.

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  • aditya
    04-15 01:48 PM
    Guys i am new to the forum
    I know its a tough one to guess but

    any idea what could be
    Most Optimistic Outlook for Eb2
    Most pestimestic Outlook for Eb2
    Median Outlook for Eb2?


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  • gparr
    July 27th, 2005, 09:14 AM
    Agreed with Rune on the trees. Nice composition otherwise. I'd move to the other side of that tree line and shoot the barn from several angles. Looks like a lot of potential in that building. If you want the fence in the image, try it from the other end. Maybe the trees won't get in the way. The image also has the leaning-to-the-left feel to it.

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  • footballfan_kb
    01-17 01:55 PM
    Has anyone been able to call USCIS premium processing toll free number today and talk to an Officer. I have been unable to get to an Officer today but was able to talk before. I am wondering whether there is a limit on how many times you can call(I have called 3 times so far in 10 days) or if you can't call after so many days have passed after your application is approved.

    I have been contacting to get my priority date corrected on I-140 approval. Please respond if anyone has information


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  • willIWill
    06-09 09:31 AM

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  • mrdelhiite
    07-23 08:56 AM
    Now that 485 is allowed till 17th what should be a strategy for H4 visa. I am sure many of us must be planning to get married earlier and get our spouse here. If she is asked during visa interview about why sudden rush to get H4 should she just say family reasons or mention the intent to file 485. H1/H4 is a dual intent visa and thus as far as I know telling visa officer the reason for sudden rush is to file 485 should not be a problem.

    But I want other peoples opinion on this. Any suggestions or does anyone see any potential problem with this scenario.

    Thanks in advance.

    -M :confused: :confused:


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  • rangaswamy
    09-20 04:57 PM
    Im just thinking aloud here. We want to be heard and we want to educate people as to how we are different from Illegal immigrants.

    Why not post a question for the Republican debate? If our questions get selected and aired we will have 30 seconds of national television audience. We might even get some answers from some presidential candidates.

    What i have in mind is get a few of us together, preferably people from different nationalities. Each one of us will hold a placard with
    Legal Immigrant in bold, educational qualification, Federal tax paid, State tax paid, SSN tax paid and finally number of years in green card wait.

    One person.. can then briefly mention what our issues are and ask what the candidate can do for us.

    Each placard also has on it...we have free advertising, we have airtime for free... and we have a national audience.

    I know very well that the candidates answer may not directly help us.. but at least we will get some attention. Many many citizens watch the debate.


    Debate is on Nov 28th

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  • saileshdude
    09-03 03:53 PM

    What is the method of contacting them ? Do I call them or send some fax. Also is there any specific person I need to contact in their offices? Can you give details about how to contact them?


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  • gcForV
    07-18 03:17 PM
    TSC immigration officers answering phones at TSC are giving different status messages for the same candidate. The most commonly used answers are:
    (1) Your finger print's are not uploaded to the TSC system.
    Which is incorrect as the applicants went to their Infopass appointment and came to know there finger prints are done and after the applicants called FBI to confirm that the finger print results have been sent back to USCIS
    (2) Name check not completed
    (3) Visa number will not be allocated till october
    The worst part is when you call the IO's after 10 minutes they give a different answer. The answers vary depend on the day and time of the call.
    This has been goign on as per discussions in immigration forum @
    Is there anyhting we can do about this IO's who are giving wrong information. Can we file any complaints?

    07-29 11:02 PM
    What happens when old I-140 is cancelled by prior sponsor. Should the beneficiary still be eligibile to port his/her priority date based on the old approved I-140 (which is now cancelled ) ?

    06-18 03:37 PM
    Sertasheep, Does the I-140 application filed in May 2007 come under your required category or not? Let me know.


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