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california gold rush map

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  • Daisy
    04-12 06:02 PM
    I have sent my story to again.

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  • akr_roy
    07-21 11:30 AM
    Hey EndlessWait, thanks for your input and assurance. Thats what my lawyer said but he also mentioned it depends on the adjudicating officer and to keep my fingers crossed.

    I dont understand the element of discretion attributed to teh adjugating officer. Isnt the 180 days a LAW? Is it possible that an application is denied if its less than 180 days and the person has reentered multiple times?

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  • santb1975
    11-22 04:42 PM
    how to contribute less than 100$

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  • vin13
    03-04 08:39 AM
    Just a reminder folks for those who are planning on attending the conf call

    conf call details : Dial in number 218 339 2626
    Access code: 245906

    Time: 9:00 PM EST 3/4/2009 Wednesday


    newbie2020, can you also log into IV so if there is any trouble connecting to the conference call, there is a back up way to inform/instruct individuals.


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  • Map to Marshall Park. (11k)

    09-08 01:39 AM
    Just before ending, one thing I would like to say to sherman and zazona types.. Please go ahead and do what you have to do; have the strangest notions in your mind about numbers in the rally, we not succeeding etc.. We will prove you wrong in every sense of the word. We will do what we have to do! Amen..

    just read about ur rally. won't we all see how many of u show up. u r job stealers and u are guilty to cause job desctruction in america. so ur scared to show up. u�ll see that no more than 5-10 job stealers will show up. u guys will all be shipped to siberia, that is where all stealers should be sent.

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  • rnanchal
    02-04 01:54 PM
    I did not pass judgement about what is right or wrong, just stated a fact. Dont get riled up. My intention was not to point fingers


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  • axp817
    03-06 05:24 PM
    What irritates me the most about the GC backlog is not knowing exactly how many people are in line ahead of me.

    We all know how many visas (without spillovers, etc.) are allocated to each country every year, but none of us knows exactly how many GC applications/PDs for each year are pending, which makes it extremely difficult to even semi-accurately predict when a certain PD will become current and stay current.

    When I ask myself when I will get my GC, the answer is, "anywhere between the next month to the next 3 years", which is sad to say the least.

    That being said, I commend the core team's efforts in pursuing this option.

    I was looking at my paypal history and for some reason (problems with downloading history), was only able to see the $50 recurring contributions that I have made (I was on a $20 recurring contribution schedule before I started the $50, and I have made numerous, $50, $100 one time contributions during various funding drives) to IV, and that total was $1000 (20 months), I expect the total from all my contributions to be close to $2000.

    It may sound like I am tooting my own horn, but the intention of this disclosure is to motivate other members to start contributing. There used to be a time when I felt that if I contributed, I would be the only one doing so, and things wouldn't go anywhere and I would end up wasting my money. Boy, was I wrong. There are thousands of members who contribute and it is because of the support of these very members that we have achieved what we have.

    Hey, atleast this way, when I whine about the situation, no one can tell me that I should do something about it and not whine, because I have done something about it, I have contributed !!

    I have had an EAD for the last two years, and it was only because of IV efforts in July 2007that I was able to get one, and ask any of the newer members that haven't filed their 485s yet, they would spend $2000 in a heartbeat if that guaranteed being able to file their 485s.

    That being said, I pledge to contribute $50 for the FOIA drive as soon as an option is made available on the IV contributions page.


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  • zram1977
    05-10 05:10 PM
    Immigration Voice should take up this issue with USCIS. Those who came to US after 2007 should get PD of the date they applied for transfer of Labor OR applied for 140. Other wise it is abuse of law.
    Well Said...
    Is there any agenda from IV core on this issue.


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  • GCStatus
    09-18 11:34 AM
    Lawsuits and fighting is against IVs core principles. IV is a support network for us who want to positively work for a cause by lobbbying, awareness, bringing people together so that our voices are collectively heard.

    If you do not want to do what IV does, you can open your own website and do what you want - you can gather people who think like you and you can proceed with your agenda

    Apparently lying also seems to be the Administrator2's core principles. Did you even read the posts up here

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  • GCNirvana007
    08-19 04:57 PM
    If it is true, they have revised the process, and that is good. Hoever, it also depends on how the question was posed. If you asked whether processing is based on RD or ND, they will defnitely tell it is RD. One need to ask, which of two dates will determine case processing status, if your stamped RD is 3 months earlier than the receive date you see online. Note that the site tells you to contact them if your "receipt notice date" is prior to the published date, and you are still waiting. What is "receipt notice date"?

    I did cearly tell her - both my RD and ND and asked her which one. She said there were some delays during that time to send a notice date hence the gap and it doesnt count.


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  • tdasara
    02-04 07:03 PM
    I think the court acknowledge Mr.Khanna's plea as 'noble' but little could be done because of bearaucracy and unknowns!

    But we here are asking for the numbers (which USCIS should have) and the details of the process USCIS is already following.

    Again it has to come from a citizen.

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  • Marphad
    04-14 02:30 PM
    As many are aware, there was a huge rush to buy and sell pre-approved labors during July-August 2007, when all the priority dates were suddenly made current. Tens of thousands of labors were sold by fraudulent consulting companies to many questionable GC seekers, who hadn�t even started the process till then.

    It is those substituted labors which are clogging the pipelines now. Just think, last month EB3-I stood at November 2001. Now it is completely unavailable. It can�t possibly be because so many pending labors with such old priority dates suddenly got cleared this month, and beneficiary of these labors filed 140+485 together. I seriously doubt that a candidate whose labor is pending since such a long time is even keeping that GC process alive. In all likelihood he/she must have moved on in life.

    There is only one explanation. These labors were already pre-approved. It is the attached I-140 on these labors that are getting approved rapidly. And the subsequent I-485 petitions on these applications are depleting the visa numbers.

    The reason of this post is not to start an argument about the ethics of labor substitution. It is just a FYI post to explain the seemingly inexplicable. The chickens are coming home to roost.

    Not completely agreed. Same as people filed in EB2 - no more qualified just better luck that their employers agreed and job description fit with EB2. Unlucky people like me got into EB3. I say EB2 are clogging....

    This will take us to nowhere. Lets concentrate on something positive like recapture.


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  • Hope_GC
    07-17 07:06 PM
    IV CORE..

    Sincere Appreciations to all the CORE Team fought for the right cause.
    Kudos to all the members this is the victory for all of us.

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  • Gold Rush. A picture-map

  • pappu
    09-18 12:07 AM
    Kinda agree on the lack of momentum. One indicator being that IV hasn't been "In the news" since Sept 11 2007......a year back!!... This is from the IV website.

    Would you help us compile all the news stories since then for the website. We just never had the time to compile them and post. There have been several stories about IV since then.


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    07-17 08:38 PM
    You guys rock. You have done what seemed like a dream far far heartiest thanks goes out to you guys!

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  • jsb
    08-11 04:34 PM
    If any one can answer this question for me it will help:

    My PD will be current with sept 09 bulletin. I was about to file for AC21. what should i do now:

    1. File for AC21 and then if they raise RFE then chances are i am not be able to respond back to rfe or they delay the process of allocating a visa # for my case. In that case i may loose the sept 09 visa availablity for myself to get GC

    2. Do not file for AC21 and hope i get my GC. In case they raise RFE I will try to respond and then see what happens.

    There is nothing like filing for AC21. If some attorneys do, it is for making some money out of you. Just do nothing at this time. If an RFE comes, get a job offer (if you are already in that job, letter should say that your job will continue upon getting your GC) from your new employer. Job needs to be same/similar to what was described in original LC (there is no clear definition of what is same/similar, but try to have some technical words as in the original LC. IO's are not technical, and they are quite lenient in interpretation of this rule). Anyway, do nothing for now. Just hope for the best.


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  • ksrk
    08-22 12:51 PM
    Just like with individuals, we tend to place trust on organizations and instituitions based on their past behaviors / actions. It's obvious we have very little trust on USCIS.

    I think there is some misunderstanding on the memo bein discussed.

    I'm still betting USCIS has a (reasonably accurate--- give or take a thousand) tally of pending India / China EB2 I-485s that match the available GC visa numbers which have to be used up before Sep 30th. All they have to do is assign visa numbers before September 30th. It is quite possible for them to process the applications and assign the visa numbers at the end. Most likely approvals will come well into October.

    Well, that's the way U and I would do it, so no visa numbers are wasted. It remains to be seen if the UscIs has more cooks than just U and I! ;-)

    Ah, TGIF! ;)

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  • RandyK
    12-03 09:54 PM

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  • GCStatus
    09-18 11:32 AM
    If you want the leadership of IV, go for it instead of complaining about it. Invest the time and effort, and I will follow your lead if it makes sense and do my part.

    Thanks for the feedback. Please take an effort to read this thread before telking me i am complaining.

    The Administrator2 is calling me and other handle MadhuVJ same person and accusing us. We are not and he keep accusing.

    04-15 11:13 AM
    Changing F1 to GC law to make it legal has as much chance as getting law change to not include dependents. I would rather support the latter then support F1 to GC law change

    I do look beyond my own situation and thats why i support current spillover rules and filing 485 without current PD issue even though it does not help me directly in any way what soever and if fact is dterimental to my EB3 case.

    Can you say the same ? C
    Can you support an argument to give 50 k dv visa to badly retrogressed category irrespective of preference category?
    Fact is You are the one who cannot see beyond your own selfish needs and you are accusing me of the same thing you are doing

    As far as i know the whole MS F1 visa is a big scam and loophole to enter us and stay here when you are not supposed to and that is the loophole that needs to be closed first instesad of worrying about fruad porting and EB1 fraud. Closing thsi student GC loophole will clear up the whole EB retrogression mess

    Yes, I support excluding dependents from quota.

    If you look at IV's agenda, most of the items benefit EB as a whole. The idea is to reduce number of people being part of quota. If you think in these terms, you should not have any problem in supporting "Exclusion of STEM grads" from regular quota.

    I support legal porting of EB3 to EB2 even though its detrimental to my own case. So I am not selfish like you call me :)

    As for your stand on MS F1 visa, you remind me of "rkay". He too makes nonsensical statements like you. If there was an violation of law, USCIS would have known it and plugged the loophole. If you have found some "loophole" that USCIS doesnot know, let them know.

    12-03 01:27 PM
    It is always advisable to take an Immigration Attorney with you during an AOS interview. Attorneys usually fill in when you pause or are uncertain. Thanks for sharing this information - looks like this is a very generic interview.
    The most important question was - to know if your educational qualification is good enough for the job and all other questions were just fillers.

    Congrats - hope you get ur GC soon :)

    Thanks Chandu. You too! And all of us here. :)

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