Wednesday, June 29, 2011

patti labelle on oprah

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  • webm
    10-31 04:13 PM
    IM just tring to find out if any one in EB3 cat. are seening any movement or progress by USCIS.
    I have a pd of APR 2001 but no progress or lud in the past 1 year
    nothing on my file and when i call USCIS they send me a letter saying
    still in our prossesing time, but my app date of may 2004 with a approved
    and still waiting for 485 .

    I am surprised why you still didn't received GC approval yet...sorry for you dude..keep hope..

    Take Infopass,call CIS weekly,talk to any senator about your case and be on it..for justice..

    Your 485 receipt date is May 2004?? Did you stuck in namecheck?? If so they might be working on clearing those NC victims soon..

    BTW,Are you with same GC sponsored employer till date??

    EB3-I Oct,2001

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  • nomadlhr
    09-26 03:05 PM
    I am going to appear for H1-B interview next month.
    I was supposed to get my degree in 2000(Electronic Engineering) however due to backlogs and since I started job before degree completion I completed my degree in 2005.
    Is that a real big problem?
    Although I have double bachelors one in Electrical Engineering and other is science but my work evaluation is based on my bachelor of engineering degree.
    Please help.


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  • Ann Ruben
    02-25 11:22 PM
    The only answer to your question is:"it depends". Who are your state's Senators and how interested/influential are they in immigration issues? Same question for whoever is the Congressperson for your district. I don't think any there is any harm in contacting both Senators as well as the Congressperson for your district.

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  • rustamehind
    07-17 09:24 PM
    I agree this turned out to be judgement day for many.


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  • martinvisalaw
    09-22 07:27 PM
    The LCA process is the same for every state, under the new iCert LCA system. Approval can take 2 weeks, or longer if DOL does not recognize the EIN, which is very common.

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  • willIWill
    06-09 09:31 AM


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  • GotGC??
    06-15 09:51 PM
    You should be glad it says 2006, check out Texas I-140, it's now back to August 01, 2003 for EB3!!

    I kept checking for the processing times for I-140 for my wife on the following link under the Nebraska center. Till yesterday the post date was showing May 18th and the processing time for I-140 was shown as 'September 2006' today the posted date changed to 15th June but the I-140 processing date went back to 'January 2006'. Can someone explain how is this possible? Shouldnt the processing date mean that applications received till 25th Sept 2006 have been processed? If thats correct then how can the date go back to Jan 1 2006? I dont think this can be a typo, it must have some reasoning. I would appreciate if someone can explain this in the forum


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  • Butters
    04-08 12:06 PM
    Sweet, nice one fest :thumb:


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  • stemcell
    06-16 09:22 AM
    Thank You.

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  • jkiran
    11-23 05:01 PM
    Hey Friends,
    I got an I-485 interview in next month. I have few questions...

    I have the two issues....

    1)Selling tobaco to Minor,happened in 2002(when I was helping one of my friend who is running a Convenience store,by mistake I handed Over a pack of cigarett without asking his ID.Unfortunately he was one of the Kid arranged purposefully by the department people who checks on toboco sale to Minors)

    2)retail theft happened in 2005(when we went to walmart with our 4 year old daughter,we did not see a considerbly small toy in her hands,while we are making payment to the other stuff we bought)

    Both the Incidents occured accidentally,we did not do anything purposefully.Both the cases were dismissed as Nolle proscue. the 2nd case was expunged too .I do have the documents stating that they are dismissed and 2nd case was expunged.If you want to have a look at them,

    And also i pointed in I-485 application---No in the field of cases....

    can you guys suggest me,if anybody have the similar situvation...



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  • patti labelle oprah finale. Patti LaBelle Sued By West

  • bekugc
    12-04 06:35 PM
    i think at re-entry for the 485 pending /AP applicants, there is a POSSIBILITY that the officers could question you bout ur existing employment. For such cases people r adviced to carry the current employers letter along with copy of 485 receipt for safety sake.

    with that in mind, if all possible, using ur EAD(after that 180 day rule) , get a job may be collect a paystub or 2 , get a letter and then use the AP.

    in many other forums, pple have shared info such as "officer asked me if im still employed with the same employer who filed for GC." etc etc . its better to carry something atleast to prove that when asked.

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  • cjagtap
    08-01 07:27 AM
    According to CIS ,they will take time upto 26th Oct ,just to issue the receipts. Again they say ,it might not be that longer but what I think we are not going to get the receipts anytime soon. At the same time we need not file another application if we dont hear anything from them till 15th of August,since we have the mail delivary proof that the application was accepted at TSC.
    So there is no other alternative but to wait for either a receipt or checks getting cashed...


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  • gcloner
    04-10 10:52 PM
    Hi! I need a help.. and I mean HELP. Cause my gc is still pending. we (my family & i) are still waiting for it to come and my problem is that I am planning to go back to my country to study college in there.. Classes will start on the first week of June, and i guess that I cannot wait for my green card to come. My questions are:
    1. Can I use my H4 visa (that had been issued in US embassy in my country of origin) to leave US?
    2. Do I still need to get AP?? Even if I am a dependent of my parent?
    3. Incase our (family) GC arrived in our house here in the US, can they just go home in our country of origin with the green card? (my greencard?)
    4. Can I use my green card (brought by my parents from US) to enter back to US???

    thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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  • swartzphotography
    August 9th, 2007, 11:11 PM
    nope. not at all. if you want a camera that takes short video clips almost all of the consumer level point and shoot cameras take a video clip with sound and all of them no mater the quality of camera shoot at 640x480 resolution at 30 frames per second. all told they are kinda fun to use and most will shoot for however long your media card allows before running out of space on a 2 gig card you can figure about 30 minutes worth. and also for the video feature some of the low end 100 dollar cameras take just as good quality video as the upper level ones. in fact in my case my wife owns a samsung dig cam that is under 100 bucks and it outperforms my canon digital elph in video for the reason that the lens on hers can zoom in and out opticly while recording my 250 dollar digital elph can zoom opticly before the record button is pushed but once you start recording it will zoom but only digitally which makes for low quality at 640x480 resolution. so i say buy the d40x or the canon rebel xti and then buy a point and shoot camera for the video clips. hope this steers you in the right direction.


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  • REEF�
    05-16 05:20 PM
    Thanks :).

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  • kshitijnt
    07-27 02:44 PM

    My I-140 is pending, and my H1B renewal is also pending. Can I travel to India? If yes, what will I show as proof at re-entry?

    How will it be for my wife? She is on F1 going on to OPT and a pending I-485 linked to my I-140 application.


    I suggest you do premium processing of H1 extension or wait until approval. As far as your wife is concerned, I am not clear if she has a visa stamp. If not she can enter on AP.


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  • kaisersose
    07-20 10:33 AM
    People are posting questions repeatedly without bothering to spend a few mintues searching previous threads for solutions.

    No question is new on IV. Every question has already been answered multiple times, by several people and in great detail. Use the search feature and avoid redundancy. For example,

    1. How to invoke Ac21?

    2. H-1b vs. EAD

    3. Impact of changing employers before 180 days

    4. 485 before marriage

    5. Everything else related to 485

    If you have questions in any of the above areas, use the search feature. They have already been answered.

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  • gcsim
    06-08 12:46 PM
    thanks for the reply guys

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  • GCIssues
    07-24 07:40 PM
    I Left Company A on April 27, 2004. Joined Company B on April 28 through H1b Transfer as CompanyB told me that they have filed H1b transfer documents. Got H1b Approval in Few months; , The H1b approval notice shows a receipt date of May 15. CompanyA never reported my job termination to INS. Now i have left Company B and joined Company C. Can anyone comment on consequence of this 17 days gap on GC prospects and What is considered my employment start date for companyB and employment end date with CompanyA.

    04-09 09:29 PM
    Your H1B is tied to your current company. If your new employer wants to hire you, they have to file a separate H1B for you.

    So your answer should be. "I need H1B sponsorship to work."

    02-23 01:46 PM
    Hi, guys,

    I'm having a little trouble with counting the years of experience for my EB2 petition. My attorney said I can only count the number of years I worked before joining the current sponsoring company!! The situation is, I jointed this company in Jan 2004. But my petition (Labor) appliction only started at the end of 2006. My attorney says that the three years of working experience (04, 05 & 06) can not be counted!

    Is he correct on this?


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