Sunday, June 26, 2011

Featured Blog - June: MaD Manis

    Hey guys!

    As promised in this post, every month I'm going to feature what I believe to be an up and coming beauty blog. The purpose of this monthly feature is to try to help some of you gain more viewership and get yourselves out there more.

    For the month of June I'm featuring a nail blog that's actually run by a mother-daughter team. I think it's so awesome that these two ladies share a bond over a love for nail polish and that they blog together so cohesively.

    Their blog features a mix of swatches, reviews, freehand nail art as well as stamping nail art. And as much as I'm not really into stamping myself, I know a lot of you really like it and I like that this blog features a mix of stamping and freehand.

    Their photos are always clear and colour accurate, their swatches are always very clean and neat around the cuticle area (you all know how important this is to me), and their reviews are truly informative.

    Here's one of the nail art designs that they posted that I immediately fell in love with (and I'm definitely going to try myself as part of my floral nail art series):

    Isn't it beautiful? It's so simple yet so perfectly executed. I hope I'll be able to do it this well when I give it a shot.

    Keep reading to find out more about this great blog!

    Here's a look at some of their other nail art:

    And here's a quick look at the quality of their swatches:

    So to my readers - if you're at all into nail polish/nail art, I suggest you definitely check out this blog.
    Click here to be taken directly to MaD Manis.

    And to the authors of MaD Manis - keep up the great work!

    To send me a link to a blog that you'd like to see featured here, please visit the Contact tab and use the email form provided. So that I know what your email is in reference to, please specify in the subject field "Featured Blog Suggestion".
    You can send me your own blog, a friend's blog, or even a blog belonging to someone you don't know but that you just think is a great blog that deserves more attention.

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Featured Blog - June: MaD Manis

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