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  • vagish
    04-29 08:55 AM
    the problem currently is that the system is full of lies. when you came here did you know that only 10,000 indians, by LAW, are allowed to get employment GCs per year? No. They gave you all that green grass story about how your math skills are needed here. how they don't like to study math here (and why not? all the books I studied math from were by American profs. ).

    They don't want to study math because it doesn't pay. Lawyers, doctors and MBAs (bullshitters) make money here. someone has to do the work. that's where the illegal mexican and WE come in.

    Let them make whatever rules they want. If the rules are bad people will stop coming here. But BEFORE a company makes an offer for an H1 employee, it should provide all the fineprint. How long the queues are, how many people get added per year, the expected time for GC processing, the fact that changing employers is almost impossible.

    You know what they used to tell the africans on the ships when they were brought as slaves? "american dream, liberty and all that BS".

    "If I'm an African brought to Virginia, brutally mistreated, there's no way that that negative feedback can return home to alert my relatives of the problem. And that lack of communication means that the exploitation can continue."
    I do not think they told us the lies, I think we raised our expecations too much, we did not do our homework. its one of those advertisement gimmicks,
    where they say everthying is free and at the bottom of the page there are all kinds of restrictions written in small fonts.


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  • northstar
    07-31 02:18 AM
    This would be the last visa bulletin for this year. The dates should move just like they did last year to consume all numbers.

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  • zoho
    08-27 02:42 AM
    my spouse is in india and her AP is going to expire in a week .
    What are the option to apply for AP from while she is in india.


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  • uma001
    05-14 09:10 AM
    Lunch is supposed to be taken at cafeteria not at cubicles.It doesnt matter whether it's curry or burger.Both smell bad.


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  • sachug22
    01-14 12:21 PM

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  • vivid_bharti
    07-02 10:22 AM
    US does not discriminate on the basis of Race, Caste, Religion though their is no mention of country of birth. But discriminating Green Card quota on basis of somebody's birth may be unconstitutional..If we appeal in the supreme court, the supreme court can ask the congress to ammend the and see there have been several instances in the history when Supreme Court told the congress to change a illegal law.

    here's the google link of my searches

    Google (

    also read this


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  • RandyK
    09-23 10:07 AM
    I started calling the list.... I called last week as well.

    I will update when I am done with calling everyone on the list.

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  • gvenkat
    03-19 05:14 PM
    Any visa form or I-94 form at POE will contain a section for declaring these.

    Yes, you have to indicate. If you don't and they findout it would constitute perjury leading to revocation and possibly complicate your life further.

    I-94 form does not have any such thing.. But DS-156 and 157 might have.. so if the guy goes and does not apply for a visa he shud be fine i think...


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  • gcnirvana
    06-18 12:36 PM
    I agree that EAD renewals will take longer than usual because of our sheer volume. And there is no interim EAD. Do you guys think its safer to be on H1B (mine is valid till 2010) rather than EAD/AP?

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  • ars01
    06-25 04:29 PM
    I don't know if this question has been asked before. Is there a benefit for filing AP by paper rather then electronically. I filed EAD by paper to TCS and got the "Card Production Ordered" email yesterday (in 14 days) for myself and my wife. My friends who efiled just received finger printing appointment notification and no receipts. Is there same benefit with AP? Please calrify.


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  • sweet23guyin
    10-13 01:56 PM
    I know I am not going to get my GC righ away by attending rallies/meetings and activity's. But there should be an efforts from every one to raise their hand and contribute for the cause. Appreciate the core members and state chapter leaders for your vision and work.

    At the same note,I regret for not being at DC after meeting some of the members yesterday.

    Before, I have little/no idea of how to approach lawmakers (my idea of meeting lawmakers was like meeting politicians in INDIA, Zindhabad...Zindhabad type), glad i do now :rolleyes:!

    Main concern/talk was about not many people turning up with 3000 IV members in the tristate, I strongly believe we can do much better in the number department for the next meeting. Again, not just numbers but with some motivation to take part in the events to come.

    I did not like the leaders thanking the members just because they turned up! It should always the other way around, members should thank the leaders for organizing such events. After all it is for ones own benefit, no one is doing a fa�vour to any one!

    Come on folks, join ur state chapters.

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  • babu123
    08-10 10:44 PM
    Where did Pederson got this info :)
    Even state didnt published yet.
    I wish the dates should move further :)

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  • h1techSlave
    01-15 12:14 PM
    I have to respectfully disagree with the point 4 you have mentioned.

    If a thug is attacking you, it is best to just obey what ever he is demanding. Under no circumstances, try to outsmart him. Us trying to outsmart a thug during a robbery will be like the thug trying to outsmart us in computer programming.

    If a thug wants the car, just give him the keys and walk away. Insurance will pay us the price of the car - deductible. The same amount we will get, if we take our chance and destroy the car trying to outsmart the guy. And who knows, may be the 'thug' is a cousin of yours trying a prank on you. And in the dark, you could not really see his face.

    Robbers charging your credit card is no big deal either. There are federal laws protecting us on incorrect credit card charges. Would you want to risk your life for just $50?

    My prayers are with the family members.

    let me quote from the news article:

    It appears that it might have been a robbery. And I feel the hospital did not do much to save his life. Since he was shot in the leg (the bullet might have hit the main artery) its still possible to stop the bleeding. I personally feel he could have been saved, unless we know the full story.

    I feel so sorry for the poor guy and their family. After all the hard work in life, he didn't deserve to die like this.

    Folks, please be extra cautious when you get into in your car.

    1) Always check the rear seat before getting in your car. A crook might be hiding there.

    2) When you get inside a car that is parked in a building ( with insufficient lighting or no people around), immediately lock the door. Thats the first thing you have to do, and then arrange the shopping bag or item that are in your hand.

    3) If some stranger is approaching you, be cautious, no matter how 'friendly' he looks. Think fast and look for exit signs and plan an exit run, should the need arise.

    4) I read long time ago, if in the worst case, say a carjacker who gained access inside your car and hiding in the back seat. And if you have not noticed anything and you just started the vehicle and are about to go, he puts a knife of gun and asks directs you to drive his way, then, JUST SPEED UP STRAIGHT AND HIT THE WALL OR PILAR AS FAST AS YOU CAN. The air bag would protect you after the collision, but the passenger(carjacker) would be thrown out or would have sever body injuries. You would have enough time to escape with minor injuries.

    5) Take precautions and don't loiter in areas that you not familiar with.

    Be safe, folks!!!


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  • satyab7
    03-02 10:30 PM
    I have contributed.

    Thank you for your diligent efforts, Keep up the good work.


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    05-17 07:02 PM
    Best way to get more immigrants to participate in advocacy efforts by for legal immigration is by communicating to international student organizations of various universities around virginia, maryland, washingtondc,west virginia north and south carolina. Arranging busses for the students is not a bad idea. Students once convinced why they need change in current immigration reforms for employment base legal immigrants will participate in huge numbers to attend the advocacy efforts done by as they have more time in hand

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  • wellwishergc
    04-03 12:00 PM
    just made some additional monetary contribution to the cause.

    Keep up the good work!!!

    Quite frankly, I did not want to reply to your post, but your repitition above forces me to!

    1) You have NO idea what it was like to find a lobbyist ready to work with us given a) We are dealing with a very sensitive issue b) We had only 10K in cash (5K raised by core members) and another 10K promised again by the core team. Do a real exercise and get a lobbyist to sign a contract with you for after revealing to them that you have only 20K. Try it now with even 50K and see how many lobbyists are ready to tow your line

    2) Regarding your talk of Erin Brockovich and all, you do not even seem to grasp the fact that AILA is interested in the 11 million undocument workers. 500,000 skilled workers are nothing but a drop in the ocean compared to them.

    In any case, have you done your part in contacting AILA? We have! Its easy to sit on the fence and complain but it takes conviction to actually DO something

    3) Do you have any idea how difficult the task is to get amendments in? Do you know how much a fine balance the Republicans and Democrats achieved and are not ready to take on anything that might disturb the balance? Also do not forget that 500K people is not even 1% of the US population but 11 Million illegal immigrants make a sizeable chunk and alsong with Hispanics make more than 13% of the population. Now given this, who would you as a politician try to appease? 13% of the population or 0.1% of it?

    4) And what made you think that faxing celebrities is an idea of the core team or QGA? Please read the posts again. It was an idea by a member!

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  • GCmuddu_H1BVaddu
    03-19 11:47 PM
    Yeah Yeah he will update the profile, please contribute.

    Also update your profile


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