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  • ghostlyorb
    Apr 5, 07:34 PM

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  • diamond.g
    Mar 28, 09:31 AM
    People seem to be moaning (no offence intended) about iOS notifications a lot recently but I don't remember it happening before a couple of months ago. Why is that? I'm a Mac user but not an iOS user so I wasn't aware they sucked so much.

    Some of us have always complained about the notifications. More so when Apple enabled push. The notification system is modal, and built around an OS that didn't expose multitasking to the user. Now it is just getting in the way (IMO).

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  • notjustjay
    Jan 5, 12:54 PM
    I don't get what's the problem with Garmin's view. Garmin decided to go live and have upto date maps and traffic alert. I can imagine they also have some sort of cash so you only have to d/l the map once and then it lives in your iphone. It also has an amazingly small footprint - weighs in at only 8mb and this is another cool feature of the program!

    Well, that's the real question, isn't it. If it turns out this is the case, and it can cache the maps for an entire region, and if it's smart enough to grab the maps for the entire region that you're currently in and/or going to, for some appreciable radius, AND if it can keep the maps in the cache for as long as you need it (which might be "forever" for maps of your home city), then I'm willing to give it a try.

    But others in this thread have already talked about driving through backcountry areas with no 3G access, and not having any access to maps. They've talked about travelling down a highway and "running out of map" and having to pull over so that the 3G can connect and refresh the maps. If that's the sort of user experience I should expect, then I'd rather stick to a standalone GPS receiver. Or buy one of the other GPS apps that have built-in offline mapping.

    Garmin touts the ability to get the latest map updates and real-time traffic. Definitely useful for navigating within big cities with major highways, constantly-expanding suburbs and major road expansions in the works. But without map prefetching and caching, they are making their GPS app ONLY useful for these areas.

    Eagerly awaiting real-world reviews...

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  • redeye be
    May 25, 03:57 AM
    Thx for the kind words guys/girls!

    Could you post some screen shots? I might need to get tiger now.... :rolleyes:
    The first post now holds 2 screenshots from a previous beta, just very slightly different from the current one. I will update them when i get home.

    And indeed, you will need tiger now :D


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  • Mac_Freak
    Sep 17, 09:03 AM
    Think different. Think about long-term discounts........and relationships (with Apple!)

    aaahhh, relationship with benefits :p :D

    as her/him if she/he would like to rip your iPod. :D

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  • Bennieboy�
    Apr 24, 08:32 PM
    still not getting nothing lol my ps3 on the other hand seems to have stepped up a gear, i was on 13 completed WU's yesterday and it's jumped to 20 today :O seems weird lol my ps3 not having any trouble getting the units lol

    ^^ oh no i'm using the gui version, i'm rubbish with out point and click haha
    i've restarted the program now about 10 times, rebooted my computer once, and my router, but still nothing lol

    *edit* finally, i turned on ' no preferences ' and it found something lol it dont look big WU, so should be rolling :D


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  • AaronEdwards
    Feb 18, 11:49 AM
    Isnt Jobs a vegan? Cancer or not, not eating any animal products whatsoever is going to make you quite thin. If for no other reason than most things have animal products thus there just isnt a lot to eat.

    Personally, I so wish that was true. But in reality, not all fat persons eat meat, and not all skinny people are vegetarians.

    You can be a vegan and still stuff yourself full with carbonates, sugar and lots of different fats.

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  • EvanLugh
    Apr 19, 09:56 AM
    looks good, but as mentioned the voice notes & calculator have the old icons. probably just an internal 4.0


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  • generationxwing
    Nov 14, 08:35 AM
    Now that is a brilliant idea. Earlier this year I took a 26 hour flight(s) to Asia, and I would have LOVED to have been able to take advantage of this.

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  • hyperpasta
    Oct 16, 04:16 PM
    "iPhone Pro"

    Sounds about right.


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  • dongmin
    Sep 1, 01:16 AM (

    According to reports, Apple has already provided an update to their Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Preview that was distributed to developers at WWDC 2006. The update provides few details on the improvements provided:

    The 46.4MB release is simply entitled "Leopard Developer Preview Update 1.0" and updates Build 9A241 to Build 9A241e.

    Apple demonstrated ( Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard at WWDC, revealing some of the features that are expected. Mac OS X 10.5 is not expected to be released until Spring of 2007.Any word on the Super Secret Leopard Features???

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  • gekko513
    Apr 3, 07:57 PM
    I wasn't very fond of the utility panels on Mac OS X until I discovered that most of them were the same across a number of applications. After that I kind of love them for their consistency.

    And for the record, I hate the cluttered toolbars in Word.


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  • vong
    Mar 18, 05:07 PM
    3.63 for regular / 87

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  • clayj
    Jan 7, 12:25 PM
    Have they fixed the issue where the News Feed constantly reverts to "Live Feed" view even though you've selected "Status Updates"?

    Because that problem right there is reason enough for me not to install it.


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  • prady16
    Oct 16, 06:32 PM
    I hope they come up with a CDMA version of the iPhone for Verizon too...
    Hopefully it should be out at the MWSF!

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  • ddrueckhammer
    Mar 27, 10:37 AM
    Jobs: I have to go to the bathroom. Is that alright?
    Schmidt: (Frisks Jobs Crotch)
    Barista: I frisked him. He's Clean.
    Jobs casually walks to the restroom.

    Job walks back to table and casually sits down.
    (In Italian)
    Schmidt: Do you feel better?
    Jobs: Yes.
    Schmidt: Stevey, you understand me don't you? You're italian, just like your father. You're Sick. When you feel better, we'll arrange a meeting and everything will be alright. This meanness must come to an end.
    Jobs shifts his eyes around the room. Jumps up and shoots Schmidt three times.


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  • Thex1138
    Mar 23, 07:33 PM
    I need your clothes,
    Your boots,
    And your iPhone!

    You forgot to say please! :D

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  • alent1234
    Mar 25, 08:53 AM
    I once sat on a plane next to an intellectual property lawyer who was commuting to NYC for work from Rochester. As it turned out he had once worked for EK and was now working in the city.

    When I conveyed my surprised over how strange it was that Eastman Kodak was lagging behind in digital imaging and still focused on film considering they were responsible for much of the technology behind digital imaging, he basically inferred that EK's leadership mismanaged their patent goldmine.

    i bet they had people there with MBA's from good schools running financial what if's and telling management to avoid digital because they will make less money due to not selling the film or anything other than the camera

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  • wrldwzrd89
    Apr 3, 05:52 PM
    It's useful to add pronunciation to the text for different language speakers, or usually in JP language papers so someone can know how to speak a particular Chinese character.

    It may be obscure but its very useful, especially if it was built in to Cocoa just like spelling...
    I'd LOVE to see Ruby support in TextEdit for Tiger!

    EDIT: Oops, wandering off-topic again...

    Ruby support should definitely be in an update of Pages.

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