Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Current Project - "Untrieds" Drawer


    I thought that tonight I would show you guys my current project as well as give you a sneak peak into my nail polish collection (and I promise you there is a full collection post coming asap).

    This is my "Untrieds" drawer where I hold all of my recent nail polish purchases until I swatch them for you and on my own nail wheels. Usually I swatch polishes for you within the first couple of days of getting them but for my own wheels, I typically have a swatching marathon once every couple of weeks, but this varies depending on how many I've acquired, really.
    However, I've neglected my own wheels lately and it's left me with quite a large drawer of untrieds, or unswatched if you prefer.

    Keep reading for more photos and a full list of the polishes you see above.

    So what do you see here?

    At the back of the drawer are my newly acquired Nfu-Oh Holographic polishes (I mentioned these in this haul post and #61 and #65 arrived today).

    In front of those we have the Orly Happy Go Lucky Collection as well as 4 colours from last year's Orly Sweet Collection which Sally's recently started carrying as open stock.

    Continuing down the left side we have a slew of OPI polishes including the Katy Perry Collection, the Texas Collection, the Blue-Hued Shatters, the OPI Serena Williams Glam Slam! England duos, OPI Red and White Shatter from the Glam Slam France duos, and a few OPI DS Series polishes including Original, Classic and Reflection.

    Moving over the right side of the drawer, we have a number of China Glaze polishes in the front including the Crackle Metals Collection, the original Crackle Collection and 5 shades from the Tronica Collection (as mentioned in this haul post).

    Behind the China Glaze polishes we have 2 Revlon colours - Royal and Perplex.

    And last but not least, at the back of the drawer on the right hand side, we have a number of Essie polishes including the Resort 2011 Collection, the Braziliant Collection as well as a few open stock colours that I've accumulated.

    So that's it for my untrieds drawer! I think a swatching marathon is way overdue.
    Did you guys keep an "untrieds" drawer? Has it gotten as out of hand as mine has?

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My Current Project - "Untrieds" Drawer

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